A&D Vapors, Spring Garden

4131 Spring Garden St., Ste. A
Greensboro, NC 27407
Tel: 336.763.2799

Manager, Amber Duett (vaping bio)

How long have you been vaping? Roughly 2 and a half years

Why did you start vaping? I started vaping because I wanted to stop smoking and vaping has been proven to be the healthier alternatives.

What interests you about vaping?There is a whole sub-culture behind it. Vaping turns into a lifestyle and becomes something much bigger than a healthier lifestyle. I just enjoy every aspect of the vaping world in its entirety

What flavors are your favorite? I love dessert flavors like Sugar Cookie and Vanilla Custard.

Outside of vaping, what are your interests, hobbies, etc? Camping, Karaoke, Shopping, and volleyball!

A&D Vapors, Battleground

2915 Battleground Ave. Ste. L
Greensboro, NC 27408
Tel: 336.763.5833

A&D Vapors, Battleground

Manager, Justin Rachel (vaping bio)

How long have you been vaping? I started vaping in 2011 with a yeti 510 E-cig.

Why did you start vaping? I started vaping for my health and to quit smelling like an ashtray

What interests you about vaping? Vaping interests me because of the limitless possibilities. If there is a particular flavor you want, you can find it. If there is a cool device you want, you can get it or have it custom made. Not to mention harnessing the power of electricity to make vapor is pretty cool.

What flavors are your favorite? My palate tends to gravitate towards the creamier and dessert-like flavors.

Outside of vaping, what are your interests, hobbies, etc.? I really enjoy spending time with family and friends, creating music and snowboarding.




A&D Vapors, Burlington
(Burlington Mall)
309 Huffman Mill Rd, Ste. 440
Burlington, NC 27215
Tel: 336.524.9199

A&D Vapors, Burlington

Manager, Conner Kerns (vaping bio)

How long have you been vaping? Three years

Why did you start vaping? I started vaping because numerous members of my family (including myself) were either smokers or former smokers. There were many health complications that I had to watch my relatives suffer through as a result of the bad habit. I didn’t want my family to watch me go through the negative effects that came along with smoking. I started vaping to better not only my health but my friend’s and family’s health as well.

What interests you about vaping? Vaping interests me in many different ways, for starters, this is one of if not the fastest evolving technological markets in the world, it is constantly evolving day by day so there is always something new to be learned. The fact that a person can pick through hundreds of different flavors and devices to find what satisfies them is great. You no longer have to be stuck to the same old song and dance of nasty tasting traditional cigarettes.

What flavors are your favorite? When I originally began vaping I used only tropical / citrus-based fruit flavors. Over time my pallet has gradually drifted more towards the sweeter flavors. My personal favorite flavor profiles recently have been primarily cereal based flavors. I guess in a way it’s a nostalgic taste that brings me back to memories of being a kid and watching cartoons on Saturday mornings with a bowl of fruit loops in front of me.

Outside of vaping, what are your interests, hobbies, etc? Snowboarding, Hunting, Wakeboarding, and spending time with my dog Beau


A&D Vapors, Boone

2711 Highway 105
Boone, NC 28607
Tel: 828.386.1449

A&D Vapors, Boone

Manager, Dave Hauser (vaping bio)

How long have you been vaping? Since 2010, roughly 6 years. I’m the old one of the bunch. Been vaping for quite some time. Started with the cig-a-likes like everyone else and then escalated with technology.

Why did you start vaping? Got tired of smelling like cigarettes, waking up with a rough cough and just generally feeling bad. Of course, the ultimatum from my girlfriend helped a good bit as well.

What interests you about vaping? Well, initially it was simply all about quitting cigarettes. Then, as I learned more, it turned into a hobby. I’ve always loved building things and learning new stuff. The technology was definitely a main interest. Now that I run an A&D Vape Shop I really enjoy dealing with the customers. Helping folks understand the technology and flavor profiles is quite a bit of fun. Ensuring top-notch customer service is also something that I’ve always felt strongly about. To digress a bit, in past, I was a high-end pipe smoker. I learned that vaping can give you the same satisfaction without having to stand out in the cold for an hour. Do I miss a bowl of good Matured Virginia tobacco? Yes, I do, but have found e-liquids that give me that same flavor satisfaction.

What flavors are your favorite? I am what you call a “flavor chaser”. I’m not in it for big clouds of vape but more the satisfaction of the flavor that I enjoyed smoking a pipe. I have been vaping Trifecta for about 4 years now (really interesting blend of tobacco, chocolate, almonds and a touch of vanilla). Not too sweet but delicious. I also enjoy other “savory” blends. Occasionally I’ll vape a bit of Ponce de Limon. Right now I am enjoying Vape Styles “Star Struck” (Chocolate Milk). Getting more of a semi-sweet cocoa out of it.

Outside of vaping, what are your interests, hobbies, etc? When I’m not in the vape shop I am usually in my leather shop over my garage. I am fairly well known as a custom leather smith. I really enjoy driving the mountain roads in my Mark IV VW R32. The list could go on forever. I just enjoy doing stuff…